Ottawa Postpartum Doulas

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The role of a postpartum doula adjusts, as each family's needs are unique.

The primary focus of the postpartum doula is to nurture and support the mother and her family.

The Postpartum doula:

  • Facilitates transition into parenting during the fourth trimester (first 3 months following birth)
  • Assists with baby care
  • Offers coping skills and strategies
  • Supports emotional and physical recovery from birth
  • Offers non-judgmental support
  • Assists with breastfeeding/infant feeding
  • Educates family members on how to support the mother
  • Provides evidence-based information
  • Provides community resources
  • Assists with household organization
  • Encourages families to develop their own parenting style

We are postpartum doulas. We assist new parents in the fourth trimester (first 3 months after birth) by providing practical, hands-on support. The doula's support is intended to fill the gaps left by our customary postpartum practices, which usually include only medical procedures, occasional checkups and the purchase of baby-related paraphernalia. The doula's education, quiet support and guidance are a manifestation of the traditional postpartum support that our society is missing. The doula fills a large gap in maternity care and is able to facilitate a smooth and rewarding transition to parenthood (DONA International, 2002).